Fire It Up Friday | 3

Summer 2017 Series Episode 3

Kick Culture In The Face!

Yes, I am advocating a wee bit of violence. It is directed toward societal mindset holding you down into average. The whispers behind your back, “who do they think they are?” Society molds  you to fit, molds you to not stand out. Society teaches individuals to not to have a voice of independence; you must fit into some line of like thinking.

Here are a few questions for you to ask yourself where you are and start implementing tactics to step up and stand out!

  • Are you being sucked into average?
  • Can you easily speak up about what you are passionate about?
  • Do you strive to fit in vs. stand out?
  • Do you lift others up into their individual voice?

I am not advocating individualism is all encompassing; I am encouraging you all to challenge status quo for the betterment of communication, collaboration, and community. Collaboration in community inspires and empowers innovation!

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Fire It Up Friday | 2

Summer 2017 Series Episode 2

How did you do last week implementing a few words, keeping the main thing the main thing, and creating measurable goals?

Here are a few things to consider to create a circle of sustainable referral sources:

  1. Connect & Serve
    • By phone, coffee, lunch, golf; whatever or wherever you are connecting with people ask them deeper questions about them.
    • Where ever you show up, show up to serve.
      • What are they most passionate about in their career?
      • What are they most passionate about at home?
      • What are they most passionate about in their community?
        • Listen to case study on video.
  2. Add Value
    • Now you have gleaned a few nuggets of passion from those you are connecting with, follow up with some of these ideas.
      • Send an article of interest (mail, email, or drop off in person).
      • Tag them in social media on something they are passionate about.
      • Special event, surgery, or milestone; send a card, call or text.
      • Invite them to an event to introduce them to people they need to know.
  3. Law of Reciprocation (Circle Of)
    • Connection and adding value ALWAYS brings something of equal or greater value to you.
    • Timing of reciprocation is unknown and it is measurable.
      • Referrals are reciprocation.
      • People sharing your name and/or brand.
      • Opportunities to serve is reciprocation.
        • Tight Circle: I call this the quick turn around reciprocation.
        • Wave Circle: Longer to accumulate but higher dividends. I imagine a wave going out to sea grabbing more volume, lifting opportunities. into the air and gently bringing them to your shore of success.

Remember, what you are passionate about is a calling. Challenge this week is to connect, add value, look for the Law of Reciprocation and give praise.

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

The Summit of Success:  There is a Higher Peak

All success comes from an individual perspective in measurable increments. For organizations it comes from their perspective initiatives and the perspective of gain or loss.

One of the top reasons I adore about living in Montana, USA is the rugged back country is close and tangible. I find myself in a National Forest several times a week and if possible daily. No matter what trail my administrative staff and I hike; there is always an elevation gain or loss.

                                                                   Administrative Staff On Trail

Success also has a measure of gain or loss dependent on your initiatives and goals. I recently read,The only person who needs to move forward little by little is you. Engineer your own evolution” ~ E. Burger, M. Starbird.

When I read evolution my reaction was, “Yes, success is creating your own revolution from the norms of how others have accomplished success.”

As you create goals there are meaningful ways to ensure a gain:

  • Move little by little toward the goal.
  • Reiterate and refine past and current knowledge to create progress.
  • The more you learn; the easier the pieces fall into place toward success.
  • Ask someone to walk along side of you; a team member, partner, or business coach.

Moving little by little is like climbing a trail. It takes step by step, bit by bit to make it to your destination and crest the top. Once you are at the crest you will see a higher peak (next goal) to strive toward. There are times you may need to lose elevation to glean new knowledge, understand the depth of measurable increments, and evaluate timing.

Refining knowledge is where most entrepreneurs and organizations lose traction. The tendency is to gobble up all information, processes, and best practices. This tendency hinders progress of little by little; often creating a stale environment of growth and innovation. To keep on track, define your objective clearly then adopt, adapt, or delete best practices and move forward.

Each goal has its own trail of learned knowledge.  Success can happen time after time hiking the same trail. However, conditions can change and new knowledge is gleaned from season to season. Business perspective; who is on your team creating a stale mate, are clients engaging, is it time to adopt, adapt, or change trails to new success?

The hard truth is not one person or organization creates success on their own. There is always someone supporting them in one manner or another. There are teams who sustain forward momentum to success and community who purchases services and or products. The basic truth not often seen are those who blazed the trail ahead of us.  A back country hiking trail is often not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of elevation gain, loss, gain, loss and keeps going until final destination. A back country trail is not managed and if it is there is a group of volunteers who hike in with band-saws and other gear to keep the trail clear (chain saws are not permitted due to fire danger, there are no motor vehicles allowed). From back country hiking to entrepreneurial paths cleared there is always someone who blazed the trail or idea ahead of us. It is your responsibility to create synergy and innovation from what is already forged.

If I have seen farther than others it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants~ Isaac Newton. Bring someone on board to create and sustain your momentum toward your goals bit by bit. No matter what or who you bring on board it is important to be open-minded about possibilities not seen at the beginning of the trail.

Success is worth the journey bit by bit, little by little! Would love to hear about your journeys and where you have gleaned success and what your goals are today!

Look Up and Out,

Tracy Worley




Fire It Up Friday | 1

Summer 2017 Series Episode 1

Summer is here! Even though Summer Solstice has not come yet; schools are letting out, sunshine is drawing us outdoors, and attention to goals diminish.

It is normal to have a hit of nostalgia and be drawn to the warmth of the sun. What I have found with clients and myself enjoying the summer; professional goals slide off track.

Summer Fire It Up Friday!

Posted by Selkirk Coaching and Training Group on Friday, June 2, 2017


Here are a few things to consider to keeping your goals on track:

  1. One Word
    • Changing one word can change your world and vision for what is possible. Change up the statement “I plan” to “I will” or to ” I am”. Our minds are beautiful in setting sub-conscious intentions when we state what and where we want to be in current circumstance.
  2. Main Thing
    • Keep the main thing the main thing. You will have several higher objectives for the year and quarters. Look at your calendar and see if there are people, places, and things setting you off course of your main thing.
  3. Everything is Measurable
    • From phone calls, emails, social media, client satisfaction, team engagement, learning new skills, deleting old skills; everything is measurable.
    • Not sure how or what to measure? Let’s start a conversation and I can help you and it will help others too.

Remember, what you are passionate about is a calling. Are you stepping forward in word, main thing, and measurable’s to make it happen?

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Customer Service IS Your Brand

Engaging clients in a meaningful way is your brand.

Did you know customer service is your brand?

This past week I experienced two significant customer service scenarios. As providers we forget clients are humans and remember first and foremost how we made them feel.

Your clients can and will purchase product/services from competitors. Clients will do so even if your competitor’s product is inferior to yours; where clients feel valued is where they will purchase.  

The first is I called our phone provider for service. I was on the phone for over 40 minutes with no resolution to our issue. At this juncture I had to jump off the call to make my coaching client call. I went to a local store for help and again no resolution. As a human being these are hours I cannot get back and “no” return on my time. How did I resolve our issue? I called the phone manufacture directly and they took care of me promptly, with care, and had a replacement the next day. We are now under serious consideration to move our business elsewhere as this company is consistent in not caring for clients.

The second customer service experience is with a direct product company. I have been a customer with them for about seven years and certainly have not spent as much money or years with them as I have with our phone provider. My experience with the call was prompt, courteous, and resolved my human-error issue without judgment. I received great care and concern for my order. I walked away with a huge return on my time as this conversation was less than 15 minutes and I felt like a winner.

Customer Service Reprieve From Earlier this WeekThere are companies you will go back to over and over. It is not because of the product it is always the people! Today once again an AMAZING customer experience with DoTerra; I ? you! Remember, engaging clients and community in meaningful way IS your sustainable business model.

Posted by Tracy Worley on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This brings me to your brand. How you and your employees show up is your brand and how referrals if any will be passed forward.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Does your organization take action in what you say you will do?
  • Does your organization go out of your way to welcome clients?
  • Does your organization stay in contact with previous clients?
  • Does your organization empower your clients to succeed with your product and/or service?
  • How do clients feel when they have shopped or received your services?
  • Biggie! What are you and your employees posting on social media?

If you want to know more please feel free to reach out to us. We have several tools you could easily implement to glean client satisfaction. From here you can build a strategy for strong brand communication.

Look Up & Out,

Tracy Worley

That Woman | Super Powers Activate

You Have the Tools to Succeed; Step Forward

What or where are you holding back in life?

Sometimes you are not aware where barriers are present to step forward. Personally, I can go back to several significant levels of amazing things happening in my life.
There is a theme in how I stepped forward into new level of success, beautiful relationships, and so much more!
1. Afraid: I moved forward with trepidation anyway.
2. Super Powers: Once I moved forward the tools I needed activated within me or others would step up and give me their talents, gifts, and wisdom.
3. Humility: Being in humble heart, mind, and spirit allowed the space to grow and nurture; new beginnings, relationships, success, and community.

I will be sharing more tools to activate your Super Powers!
Look Up & Out,
Tracy Worley

That Woman | Super Powers ActivateVerna Shields Brady Shelly Wear Natalie Cox Mauer Deanna Worley Jennifer Itskos Sarah Elliott Curtiss Julie Pyne Anton Julie Richter Julie Maloney Kendra Sanford Emily Sanford Chris Sanford Tim Worley Cyndi Elliott Kristi Govertsen SonjaReeves SierraLake MichelleWealther | and so so so many other women and men dear to my ?! Your super powers activate in unique Harmony!

Posted by Tracy Worley on Sunday, May 14, 2017

Red Shoe 12th Day of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas 2016

“Break out of your silo; be seen and heard. Beat your drum, the world is waiting for you and what only you have to offer.”~ Tracy Worley

The 12th day of Christmas is Drummers Drumming! Wow, what a wonderful way to end 12 days of Christmas!

I love drums, which makes no sense because loud noise, music, or constant body booming bass makes my teeth hurt. As an adult I started drum lessons, as I wanted to know the mechanics of how beautiful beats are made.

My first Muppet crush was Monster. Yes, not Kermit but Monster! I am attracted to the freedom of his spirit, hair, and bold passion for making the beat! I now realize he had the right colors too, my favorite color is red. My drum set is also red.

You were created with your own beat, some call it vibration. God loves us so much he gave us gifts, passion, and heart for things no one else on this world has. Wherever you are right now reading this, look up and see the people sitting around you. What is their unique beat?

Currently I am sitting in a public coffee house working. As I look up I observe only one person who is beating authentically. It is a toddler dancing, eyes wondering, and smiling with love to everyone who will look. She is in her beat without reservation! The adults in the room are on their devices in a silo of consciousness. There are people in groups of two or more talking; their body language tells me the same thing. No one is sitting tall; people are slouching in posture and conversation so they do not stand out.

Am I guilty of being in a silo or slouching? I am happy to report no! The last few years I make it a habit to look up often and make eye contact with at least one person and smile. I have made it a life habit to take up the space around me to sit tall.

I want to encourage you to sit up, and step out of the silo! There are people in and around your beat who need you! Only you have the ability and opportunity to offer what you have to offer.

Here are a few ideas to play around with to find your beat. Some of you were not meant to be loud, however you were meant to send out your beat to help others no matter how loud.

  • What do people compliment you on?
    • Me? My smile. So I do it a lot. I do not have to say a word, my gift is a beautiful smile and it instantly lifts people.
  • What do you love to do? What do you lose track of time doing?
    • Me? Writing (when I am in the zone)
    • Coaching or Training others
    • Family (I can get so lost in family)

There are other things you can do to find your beat, passion, and gifts. I will save that for another day.

May God bless you into 2017.  May you find the freedom, passion, and boldness to beat your drums. The world is waiting for you.

Look Up and Out,

Tracy Worley

Red Shoe 11th Day of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas 2016

“Truth is the way to build comfort, passion, and a bold fiery spirit. Be bold and adventurous in truth; creating a conviction others will follow.”~ Tracy Worley

The 11th day of Christmas is eleven pipers piping. YIKES! I have shared my youthful images this far and going to share this one too. Any phrase with a piper, pied or otherwise takes my internal child mind imagery to the evil Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Oh, yes my mind goes there. The Child Catcher was able to find children just by sniffing them out and lured them with candy into a fanciful cart. This is one of the scariest memories for me, apparently other kiddo’s think so too as the Child Catcher is number 32 of 100 scariest movie moments.

Some say 11th day signifies the eleven devoted apostles. Brief overview of the apostles they all died a martyr’s death except for John. Jesus nicked named John and his brother “sons of thunder”. John and his brother had a fiery impetuous temper (Mark 3:17, Luke 9:54).

  • What are your scariest movie or life moments?
  • Where do you find comfort in the scariest of moments?
  • Are you on a rerun cycle watching and experiencing the scary parts over and over?
  • Where are you bold in your passion; are you in fiery spirit?

The Child Catcher and the eleven apostles run a parallel for me. The Child Catcher silenced the new. Children have the way with truth; “out of the mouths of babes”. The Apostles were silenced from speaking truth. The Apostles spoke Jesus’ truth.

Challenge: Moving into the beginning of the year where can you be boldly fierce? Where can you build fiery conviction in your goals, relationships, and beliefs?

For me, I am going to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bank again. Go back to my planning calendar and ensure there is fiery passion in everything I do. Remember if we do not set intention, we become part of someone else’s plan.

Look Up and Out,

Tracy Worley

Red Shoe 10th Day of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas 2016

“Be brazen and bold! Leap joyfully into the authentic you.”~ Tracy Worley

The 10th day of Christmas, Ten Lords a Leaping! I enjoy my youthful, fanciful vision of 10 lords a leaping. My 10 Lords are dressed in silver and gold, with tall red riding boots. The Lords are also riding beautiful black stallions leaping over great obstacles.

As we move into the 10th day of Christmas and the New Year has come quickly like an ice cube sliding across the skating rink. Our daily calendars and church calendar go into Epiphany starting January 6th, 2017.  Epiphany in the church calendar celebrates the revelation of God in his Son as human in Jesus Christ.

Another kind of epiphany is something out of the blue, that strikes me as wonderfully intelligent. I want to challenge you to start writing your own epiphany. Yep, write out your relationship goals, career goals, tribe goals, and what is in your way. Okay, stick with me here. I did ask you to include what is in your way, because if we do not identify the obstacle in our way we keep avoiding it, or let fear of the unknown block paths to success, joy, peace, and all we desire.

  • Relationship / Tribe Goals:
    • Take inventory of all your relationships. Who is on board with your values, goals, and desires? Spend more time with those individuals.
    • Implement change in your heart first, and people around you will push the change. Keep moving forward, you are on the right track.
    • Always make relationship changes with love and respect.
  • Career Goals:
    • Find workshops or skills to sharpen your knowledge or glean the next step(s) of success.
    • Become a mentor/mentee to glean new wisdom and knowledge you would not necessarily have in your silo of one.
  • Scary:
    • Schedule something scary! What is something on your bucket list you have not done yet? Skydiving, public speaking, horseback riding, first date, intermural sport, volunteering; so many more ideas.
      • Do something that really scares you once a month.
    • 10 Lords Leaping:
      • Be bold just as my Lords are. I am not saying to wear silver, gold, and wonderfully stylish tall red riding boots. Be bold in who you are, ride your beautiful stallion over or around the obstacle keeping you from where you want to go.

When we write it helps create a different intention than if we just think about it. Or let intention float off like a feather in the wind. Grab your dreams, and leap into 2017 with your own personal grace and style.

Look Up and Out,

Tracy Worley

Red Shoe 9th Day of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas 2016

“Invite the Holy Spirit to build your heart, soul, and mind in His fruits. Expect less judgment and drama in your life.” Tracy Worley

The 9th day of Christmas is nine ladies dancing. My body loves a soft groove and a harmonious beat; it makes my inner self happy. I usually jolt into awareness, my body moving without me being aware. There are some who believe the nine ladies dancing are the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit.

My first inkling of being in a room full of ladies is NOT FUN. My mind goes to drama, gossip, crying, and downright backstabbing. This is based on years of allowing unhealthy relationships to develop in and around my life. I never understood how women could be life-long friends.

In recent years I have set the intention to open my heart, mind, and soul for women in my life who are steadfast, humble, open to other people’s truths, and who love having fun. God has delivered on my prayer for this, and I have stepped forward into those relationships.

The Holy Spirit’s fruits are found in Galatians 5:22. From a room full of ladies and nine of them dancing I envision chaos. Taking the nine fruits into relationships is part of my intention. There is peace, joy, and room and freedom for all of us be authentic. It is one of the most amazing things I have witnessed through this process.

I encourage you to reflect on each of these fruits in your relationships (spouse, peers, co-workers, friends, family, children, and community).

  • Love Intense feeling of affection, hold dear, adore
  • Joy Wellbeing, success, state of happiness, evoked emotion
  • Peace Tranquil freedom, harmony, concord of tranquility
  • Patience Ability to wait without being annoyed or upset
  • Kindness Disposition of character, inner force or sum of a person
  • Goodness Quality of person, beneficial as part of something
  • Faithfulness Steadfast, true to facts, duty
  • Gentleness Manner, disposition, state of gentle
  • Self-Control Restraint over impulses, emotions, desires

Definitions taken from Merriam-Webster

Realizing these fruits in your relationships builds your heart, soul, and mind in freedom. Expect less judgment and drama in your daily life.

Look Up and Out,

Tracy Worley