Fire It Up Friday | 9

Summer 2017 Series Episode 9

Oops, I am perfect. Smoke & Mirrors to Civility.

Caveman & Courage

Humans think and say the darnedest things about others! This past week our country (USA) has been rocked with racial tension with both sides name calling. I find it interesting celebrity (media, comedians, politicians) receive so much play in name calling, back slurs, and downright more hate mongering.

I tend to stay away from the news, politics, and other negative scenarios. There is no courage in being of caveman mentality beating each other over the head with words, actions, and deed.

Personally my life is not perfect; my business and family navigate through the gambit of emotions, conflict, love, fear, anger, joy, connection, and community.

I CHOOSE to find value in others before judgment or bias. I CHOOSE to leave my garbage bag of “stuff” outside the door; this creates a clear space to find commonalities, community, and connection to civility.

Oops, I am perfect. Smoke & Mirrors to Civility.

Posted by Tracy Worley on Friday, August 18, 2017

10 Core Leadership Characteristics of Self: giving you space to lead others without blame.

  1. Take responsibility for your words, actions, and deeds (no excuses).
  2. Model with integral behavior; say what you do.
  3. Self control; slow to judgment and quick to praise.
  4. Wisdom is an integral part of decision making; knowledge experience, community input gives confidence to the process. If it turned out wrong, go back to #1 on this list.
  5. Lead gently and firmly, putting value of humans over all else.
  6. Respect others and live the Golden Rule (we cannot ask others to do what we are not offering).
  7. Do the right thing; even when it is the most painful thing to do.
  8. Trust first so others have a clear path to follow.
  9. Be open to teach and learn; daily be open to teaching and learning.
  10. Create a system; systems create less confusion of expectation, communication, and opens an environment of loving humans first.

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Fire It Up Friday | 6

Summer 2017 Series Episode 6

Are you DOA when showing up  personally and professionally? What is DOA: Dead on Arrival or Dead on Attitude.

My questions to you are:

  • Are you Dead on Arrival?
  • Are you showing up to work, home, and life: filled-up to serve your clients, employer, and self?

Dead on Arrival vs. Daily Opportunity of Action

This past week I had the privilege of attending our Innovate Montana Symposium. Before going I set the intention with an end in mind. My end in mind was meeting people to help my clients in their next endeavors and a current project I am working on…

Posted by Selkirk Coaching and Training Group on Friday, July 14, 2017


I was ALIVE ON ARRIVAL! As humans we should show up with intention and ‘alive’ in everything we do. There are always the few who show up because they have to. These are the individuals I like to “light” up! Giving them other perspective and a reason for being there and how they add value.

Albert Schweitzer, “Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now-always.”

When I work with organizations in employee engagement we always start with a survey to see where the engagement needle is and the culture. I can say 99% of the time when engagement is low there is little trust and/or respect to and from leadership.

Here are a few steps to engaging yourself:

  • Discuss and outline your vision and navigate where you are going. The more people you share this with the more likely you will find the resources needed to launch to the next level.
  • Set exceptions by creating and modeling the who you want to show up in  your personal and professional life.
  • Connect with clients on personal level (i.e. paraphrase what they  have said, or remember your last conversation such as if they mentioned a soccer game ask them how it went)
  • Connect and collaboration with peers by setting parameters of expectation, timelines, etc. . .(this always resolves who is responsible for which task, and accountability for the entire team)
  • Connect with people by having one-on-ones (be candid and transparent where you are, and they will be candid and transparent where they are on projects, hurdles, and how they plan to overcome them) “I CAN’T RAISE THE BAR FOR OTHERS IF I HAVEN’T RAISED THE BAR FOR MYSELF.

The core of engagement is transparent humility (this is not showing employees or clients how to weep but to let them know you are human, everyone wants to know they are  on the team with someone who has heart)

 If you and your team are not making individual efforts , then everyone is DOA when they walk through the door every day. ~ Tracy Worley


Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Are You Killing Your Legacy?

Create your legacy before others create it for you.

One of my greatest mentors and teachers John C. Maxwell taught me, “people remember how you made them feel.” As I traverse from coaching executives to corporate teams the common denominators are “feelings” and “communication”.

Have you heard “this is business, there is no room for feelings in business“, or some other derivative of it? Well, there is room; people remember how you made them feel over all else. Yes, they remember how they feel over you making them millions, cured their cancer, helped them solve a large issue.

Register Here

Join me and others to build your legacy model with the 5 L’s. Legacy is building your sustainable growth model of how you show up in community, connections, and collaboration.

Legacy: Love, Lift, Link, Lead

Few Things To Consider:

  • Can you listen without bias or judgment?
  • When did you lift some one else to promotion?
  • Can you identify the last time you invited someone to an event; introduced them to people they need to know to grow?
  • Are you leading from behind the curtain or in front of the curtain?

Hope to see you there!

Fire It Up Friday | 4

Summer 2017 Series Episode 4

Be Selfish to be Selfless!

Be Selfish to be Selfless

Posted by Selkirk Coaching and Training Group on Friday, June 23, 2017


Loving Friday’s with all of you! Last Friday of June and we are ramping up to a juicy series. Today challenge yourself to find area’s to be selfish so you can add more value to others and be selfless.

God has blessed each and every one of you with combined gifts and talents no one else can bring to the table. We are meant to be individuals to serve the world as a whole.

My selfish story: a few years ago in Columbus, Ohio I had an opportunity to learn from renowned business coach. We were sitting in a small group of about five in a circle. The coach went around and asked us all questions, and then we masterminded on a few topics. From there this coach proceeded to look me straight in the eye and stated, “you need to be more selfish.” My immediate response was discomfort and tears (I rarely ever cry or in public for that matter).

Basically, put your oxygen mask on first!

Great coaches implement a delicate balance of  not pushing you off the edge while letting you find discomfort in problem solving or transforming to the next level of your success. Being “selfish” is one of those examples of discomfort so you can transform into next step. Break down your resistance for a moment of discomfort to transform to the next level. 

In the video I talked about being at the table. What this means is are you serving people and places you have no business adding value to? Is it your time to be at the table?

Few questions for yourself:

  • Are you sitting at the right table?
  • Can you voice your boundaries clearly and effectively?
  • When serving do I walk away with a full cup or an empty one?

Selfish and selfless leads to one core tool and that is your voice. Use your voice to create boundaries into selfless opportunities to serve within your gifts. The world needs what you have to offer; speak up!

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Fire It Up Friday | 2

Summer 2017 Series Episode 2

How did you do last week implementing a few words, keeping the main thing the main thing, and creating measurable goals?

Here are a few things to consider to create a circle of sustainable referral sources:

  1. Connect & Serve
    • By phone, coffee, lunch, golf; whatever or wherever you are connecting with people ask them deeper questions about them.
    • Where ever you show up, show up to serve.
      • What are they most passionate about in their career?
      • What are they most passionate about at home?
      • What are they most passionate about in their community?
        • Listen to case study on video.
  2. Add Value
    • Now you have gleaned a few nuggets of passion from those you are connecting with, follow up with some of these ideas.
      • Send an article of interest (mail, email, or drop off in person).
      • Tag them in social media on something they are passionate about.
      • Special event, surgery, or milestone; send a card, call or text.
      • Invite them to an event to introduce them to people they need to know.
  3. Law of Reciprocation (Circle Of)
    • Connection and adding value ALWAYS brings something of equal or greater value to you.
    • Timing of reciprocation is unknown and it is measurable.
      • Referrals are reciprocation.
      • People sharing your name and/or brand.
      • Opportunities to serve is reciprocation.
        • Tight Circle: I call this the quick turn around reciprocation.
        • Wave Circle: Longer to accumulate but higher dividends. I imagine a wave going out to sea grabbing more volume, lifting opportunities. into the air and gently bringing them to your shore of success.

Remember, what you are passionate about is a calling. Challenge this week is to connect, add value, look for the Law of Reciprocation and give praise.

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

The Summit of Success:  There is a Higher Peak

All success comes from an individual perspective in measurable increments. For organizations it comes from their perspective initiatives and the perspective of gain or loss.

One of the top reasons I adore about living in Montana, USA is the rugged back country is close and tangible. I find myself in a National Forest several times a week and if possible daily. No matter what trail my administrative staff and I hike; there is always an elevation gain or loss.

                                                                   Administrative Staff On Trail

Success also has a measure of gain or loss dependent on your initiatives and goals. I recently read,The only person who needs to move forward little by little is you. Engineer your own evolution” ~ E. Burger, M. Starbird.

When I read evolution my reaction was, “Yes, success is creating your own revolution from the norms of how others have accomplished success.”

As you create goals there are meaningful ways to ensure a gain:

  • Move little by little toward the goal.
  • Reiterate and refine past and current knowledge to create progress.
  • The more you learn; the easier the pieces fall into place toward success.
  • Ask someone to walk along side of you; a team member, partner, or business coach.

Moving little by little is like climbing a trail. It takes step by step, bit by bit to make it to your destination and crest the top. Once you are at the crest you will see a higher peak (next goal) to strive toward. There are times you may need to lose elevation to glean new knowledge, understand the depth of measurable increments, and evaluate timing.

Refining knowledge is where most entrepreneurs and organizations lose traction. The tendency is to gobble up all information, processes, and best practices. This tendency hinders progress of little by little; often creating a stale environment of growth and innovation. To keep on track, define your objective clearly then adopt, adapt, or delete best practices and move forward.

Each goal has its own trail of learned knowledge.  Success can happen time after time hiking the same trail. However, conditions can change and new knowledge is gleaned from season to season. Business perspective; who is on your team creating a stale mate, are clients engaging, is it time to adopt, adapt, or change trails to new success?

The hard truth is not one person or organization creates success on their own. There is always someone supporting them in one manner or another. There are teams who sustain forward momentum to success and community who purchases services and or products. The basic truth not often seen are those who blazed the trail ahead of us.  A back country hiking trail is often not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of elevation gain, loss, gain, loss and keeps going until final destination. A back country trail is not managed and if it is there is a group of volunteers who hike in with band-saws and other gear to keep the trail clear (chain saws are not permitted due to fire danger, there are no motor vehicles allowed). From back country hiking to entrepreneurial paths cleared there is always someone who blazed the trail or idea ahead of us. It is your responsibility to create synergy and innovation from what is already forged.

If I have seen farther than others it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants~ Isaac Newton. Bring someone on board to create and sustain your momentum toward your goals bit by bit. No matter what or who you bring on board it is important to be open-minded about possibilities not seen at the beginning of the trail.

Success is worth the journey bit by bit, little by little! Would love to hear about your journeys and where you have gleaned success and what your goals are today!

Look Up and Out,

Tracy Worley




Are You Living The Life of Your Dreams?

The world is full of wonder and beauty.

The world is full of wonder and beauty. Look at your life as an abundant ADVENTURE; live the life of your dreams! Tracy Worley

Success in our society relies on the premise of position, possessions, and posturing. These three area’s keep us in average. Do, look, and see the world as everyone else does. To live the life of your dreams is to actually allow yourself to dream! We are brought up to no longer dreamAdventure and Tracy Worley as we are told it is silly and a waste of time.

WARNING: Not dreaming is a waste of your life!

When given a gift of leaving corporate and starting my own company, I found there were no tools available to dream, vision, and set values in what you do every day. So the last few years I have set out to create the tools. What I have found working with clients, is once they are given permission to dream the dream their success soars to the next level!

Here are a few steps to start:

  • Position: Look at this differently of not position in your job, community, or social status. Create a new position in who you are and where you want to be. Start positioning your heart, dream, and vision here. Once set a new position; shifts will start to emerge to living the life of your dreams.
  • Possessions: Instead of what you physically have or don’t have. Look at possessions of what values, dreams, people, truth(s), and time you have now. Create a checklist of what is working and what no longer holds value of who you are and where you want to be. I give you permission to let go of what is not working; yes, this may mean you “fire” a few people from your life. Dump truths that no longer hold value. Dream your dream.
  • Posturing: Shed the pretense of false boundaries of holding on too tightly of what no longer holds value in your life. Create an authentic life of poise and stop asking for permission, state your purpose and move forward.

Life is full of beauty if you are willing to evaluate mindset vs. dream. It is not easy to start, as you will be breaking through the set paradigm of society and people thinking you are crazy to dream. I guarantee, if you take the first few steps the shift will start and the dam of average will break!

Challenge Question: Where will you start in breaking the dam of average?

You deserve the life of your dreams!

Look UP & OUT!

Tracy Worley

How to Create a Legacy

Building a Legacy 93 Seconds at a Time

Leaving a legacy is all you have. A strong legacy is not made of monetary value but of heart value. How you lift others to their potential. You Gramp4create safe environments for growth. When you leave the room, people are better than you found them. Have fun, take business at hand seriously and above all laugh at yourself!

Leadership, love, and life evolve in and out of your personal and professional lives. You may try shutting the door on one without the other, but your stories and legacies follow you wherever you may go.

I have a full history of knowing all of my Great-Grandparents, Grandparents, and a bushel full of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Recently, I visited my Grandpa Eldon in Eugene, Oregon.  He is the last of my vast line of Grandparents and cherished beyond words. I asked questions, heard new stories, and reminisced.

We are all built with our history, stories, and holding truths we cherish and hopefully “deleting” truths no longer holding truth for you. About 30 years ago my dad once asked me where I learned my “values” from.  The heart answer is my grandparents.  They all left me with my core personal and professional business model I created; Potential² Builder.

From ranch life, construction, business deals, play, fun, hiking, wicked card games, hugs on the couch, to out of the blue phone calls. The rich experiences compounded interest in a legacy of heart, potential, environment for growth; cherished bank account full of unconditional love.

There are three main areas’ you can focus on to build a legacy to leave your family, friends, business relationships, and community. Over my thirty-plus year career, these three areas are what I have found to part of the solid foundation for strong families, business, and people who leave strong legacies.

Gramp3 Tracy Worley

Have Fun! Hamming and Glamming With My Guy

It is never too late to build your legacy and write on the hearts of those around you; what they will say and miss when you leave the room.

  • Potential: Find ways to help others reach their potential, be invested, interested, and lift them before self. Yes, put your oxygen mask on first then lift others to their natural gifts. The reward of lifting others is greater than lifting oneself (reward will be paid 10-fold).
    • As I reflect on my potential and when I had the most growth is when others invested, lifted, and truly interested in seeing me succeed.
    • Today I make an intentional practice in my personal and professional life to find individuals who I can lift! The key is people need to have the heart to be pushed and pulled to the next level.
  • Environment: Create an environment of risk; let failure be a learning tool. The most successful people in life learned how to fail first.
    • I was able to fail and learn from the lessons. The environment was safe to try and try again. Yes, at times pushing boundaries was the risk and discipline at hand. Remember, we all learn and climb to our potential in our own rhythm.
    • When I work with clients, I have certain questions to hone in on what type of environment they thrive in. When they are “safe”, their potential explodes into possibilities they never saw or thought of before.
  • Legacy: People remember how you make them feel over what you have done. Leave people in the room loving themselves and life. Be present, because your presence matters.
    • Be authentic to who you are, and those around you will develop to be a network of believers. Not groupies but your “tribe”. A tribe is people who fill in the gaps, and who you fill in the gaps for as well.  You all benefit.
    • My stories taught me to be present, show up filled up to give first then receive. And perseverance toward ones potential trumps and punches the face of naysayers every time!
    • Have a sense of humor!

Where ever you might be in thought and heart of leaving a legacy here is a poem I wrote about my Grandpa, who is 93. I may be looking at his 93 years; all it takes is 93-seconds to touch someone’s heart.

93 Silver Strands

He is my HERO,

My first hugs, filling my heart,

to letting me put rollers in his hair that tickled us,

until we had to part.

He is my HERO,

He fixed many things from wagons, dollies,

to wondrous buildings.

He is my Hero,

Outlined with brilliant strands of silver,

a gleaming light of Gods Armor.

He is my HERO,

He is 93, standing tall,

with liquid blue eyes,

smile of a warm friend,

loves with all he has under his halo of silver strands.

As he holds my hand, I understand he is my HERO.

93 years shifting through the sands,

93 braids of silver his legacy stands.

Written By: Tracy Worley

Twinkle In His Eyes

Twinkle In His Eyes

Challenge Question: Will you take 93 seconds to touch someone’s heart?

Look UP & OUT!

Tracy Worley


Tracy Worley (2015) Authentic Leadership, Authentic Self

Tracy Worley (2013) Red Shoe Courage

Soccer Moms Are For Real

Soccer Moms Are For Real! Alright, to be fair all parents are for real when it comes to their progeny in the course of competition. From spelling bees, debate, basketball, soccer, football, and all the rest parents are for real. 

From the time of my youth I have been competitive in nature, loving the endorphin rush to the finish line to having the last line in a debate. The last few years I have had the privilege to referee High School Soccer.

What I have observed, learned, and gleaned from the soccer pitch is our youth deserve to play in a safe, competitive, inspiring, and empowering environment. How parents show up is how they will show up to lead your organization. Board room bullies are for real!Tracy Worley Soccer

Parents hold the key to safe play for your youth’s environment. Yes, administrative staff, coaches, and referees hold these key elements too, but parents have the ultimate ability to turn a competitive event from fun to devastating the hearts of our youth.

Being in the center of the field to the sidelines refereeing I have heard the best and the worst from parents. This leads me to your boardroom. How people show up to events in “support” of their children is telltale of how they will show up in your boardroom.

Parents are not the only influence: fellow competitors, coaches, and other participants show up to instill inspired competition…or use downright degrading language which is not worth repeating.  However, these moments give me the guilty pleasure of presenting them a yellow card for a warning.  If things get worse, referees can stop play and have the offending parties removed.

Crucial conversations will always come into play on and off the field. However, competition is not the time to be yelling, huffing, and stroking out over a bad play. I appreciate how one of my colleagues, Judy Preston, calls these Courageous Conversations, which should happen one-on-one or off the field of play and out of the board room.

Here are a few ways to create a REAL space for empowered play and inspired competition from the soccer field to your boardroom:

Reward:  Give everyone a sportsmanlike handshake before or after the game. It is the reward for showing upto play.  If the coaches, referees, and players did not show up there would be no play. If you are unhappy or dislike someone it is NOT your prerogative to be disrespectful. Reward others with respect you also deserve.

Environment:  Create a safe environment for all to participate, compete, learn, and hone individual and team skills. This could include cheering for the competitor. The higher level of play, the more you learn.

Action: Take action when others are not lifting others. Everyone from players, coaches, referees, parents, and observers should show up with an attitude to serve each other, and push each other to the next level. Boardroom culture should be no different.

Lead:  Everyone is a leader of one (you). Show up to make a difference to those around you.  One word of encouragement could make someone’s game on and off the field.

Challenge:   Respect yourself by respecting others, take action toward the good of all concerned, create an environment to take risk to fail and win; lead by example because everyone is a leader.

Look UP & OUT!

Tracy Worley

Tracy Worley (2015) Authentic Leadership, Authentic Self

Tracy Worley (2015) Hero2One™