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How do you make people feel?

Legacy is what people will say and remember about you when you are not in the room.


Think about the wake trailing a boat in water. Depending on the speed and intention the wake can reach far and wide. The wake can be soft or turbulent. It is a choice for your wake to be a positive influence or a negative one.

You can start making adjustments today to influence the outcome of lasting relationships meaningful not only to you but to the community at large left in your wake.

Below are a few questions to ask yourself for reflection:

  • What are people saying about you?
  • What would you like people to say and remember about you?
  • Do people revel in the your presence in the room or repel?
  • Are you influencing with relationship or influencing with position?

Look Up & Out, Tracy Worley

Fire It Up Friday | 6

Summer 2017 Series Episode 6

Are you DOA when showing up  personally and professionally? What is DOA: Dead on Arrival or Dead on Attitude.

My questions to you are:

  • Are you Dead on Arrival?
  • Are you showing up to work, home, and life: filled-up to serve your clients, employer, and self?

Dead on Arrival vs. Daily Opportunity of Action

This past week I had the privilege of attending our Innovate Montana Symposium. Before going I set the intention with an end in mind. My end in mind was meeting people to help my clients in their next endeavors and a current project I am working on…

Posted by Selkirk Coaching and Training Group on Friday, July 14, 2017


I was ALIVE ON ARRIVAL! As humans we should show up with intention and ‘alive’ in everything we do. There are always the few who show up because they have to. These are the individuals I like to “light” up! Giving them other perspective and a reason for being there and how they add value.

Albert Schweitzer, “Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now-always.”

When I work with organizations in employee engagement we always start with a survey to see where the engagement needle is and the culture. I can say 99% of the time when engagement is low there is little trust and/or respect to and from leadership.

Here are a few steps to engaging yourself:

  • Discuss and outline your vision and navigate where you are going. The more people you share this with the more likely you will find the resources needed to launch to the next level.
  • Set exceptions by creating and modeling the who you want to show up in  your personal and professional life.
  • Connect with clients on personal level (i.e. paraphrase what they  have said, or remember your last conversation such as if they mentioned a soccer game ask them how it went)
  • Connect and collaboration with peers by setting parameters of expectation, timelines, etc. . .(this always resolves who is responsible for which task, and accountability for the entire team)
  • Connect with people by having one-on-ones (be candid and transparent where you are, and they will be candid and transparent where they are on projects, hurdles, and how they plan to overcome them) “I CAN’T RAISE THE BAR FOR OTHERS IF I HAVEN’T RAISED THE BAR FOR MYSELF.

The core of engagement is transparent humility (this is not showing employees or clients how to weep but to let them know you are human, everyone wants to know they are  on the team with someone who has heart)

 If you and your team are not making individual efforts , then everyone is DOA when they walk through the door every day. ~ Tracy Worley


Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Are You Killing Your Legacy?

Create your legacy before others create it for you.

One of my greatest mentors and teachers John C. Maxwell taught me, “people remember how you made them feel.” As I traverse from coaching executives to corporate teams the common denominators are “feelings” and “communication”.

Have you heard “this is business, there is no room for feelings in business“, or some other derivative of it? Well, there is room; people remember how you made them feel over all else. Yes, they remember how they feel over you making them millions, cured their cancer, helped them solve a large issue.

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Join me and others to build your legacy model with the 5 L’s. Legacy is building your sustainable growth model of how you show up in community, connections, and collaboration.

Legacy: Love, Lift, Link, Lead

Few Things To Consider:

  • Can you listen without bias or judgment?
  • When did you lift some one else to promotion?
  • Can you identify the last time you invited someone to an event; introduced them to people they need to know to grow?
  • Are you leading from behind the curtain or in front of the curtain?

Hope to see you there!

Customer Service IS Your Brand

Engaging clients in a meaningful way is your brand.

Did you know customer service is your brand?

This past week I experienced two significant customer service scenarios. As providers we forget clients are humans and remember first and foremost how we made them feel.

Your clients can and will purchase product/services from competitors. Clients will do so even if your competitor’s product is inferior to yours; where clients feel valued is where they will purchase.  

The first is I called our phone provider for service. I was on the phone for over 40 minutes with no resolution to our issue. At this juncture I had to jump off the call to make my coaching client call. I went to a local store for help and again no resolution. As a human being these are hours I cannot get back and “no” return on my time. How did I resolve our issue? I called the phone manufacture directly and they took care of me promptly, with care, and had a replacement the next day. We are now under serious consideration to move our business elsewhere as this company is consistent in not caring for clients.

The second customer service experience is with a direct product company. I have been a customer with them for about seven years and certainly have not spent as much money or years with them as I have with our phone provider. My experience with the call was prompt, courteous, and resolved my human-error issue without judgment. I received great care and concern for my order. I walked away with a huge return on my time as this conversation was less than 15 minutes and I felt like a winner.

Customer Service Reprieve From Earlier this WeekThere are companies you will go back to over and over. It is not because of the product it is always the people! Today once again an AMAZING customer experience with DoTerra; I ? you! Remember, engaging clients and community in meaningful way IS your sustainable business model.

Posted by Tracy Worley on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

This brings me to your brand. How you and your employees show up is your brand and how referrals if any will be passed forward.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Does your organization take action in what you say you will do?
  • Does your organization go out of your way to welcome clients?
  • Does your organization stay in contact with previous clients?
  • Does your organization empower your clients to succeed with your product and/or service?
  • How do clients feel when they have shopped or received your services?
  • Biggie! What are you and your employees posting on social media?

If you want to know more please feel free to reach out to us. We have several tools you could easily implement to glean client satisfaction. From here you can build a strategy for strong brand communication.

Look Up & Out,

Tracy Worley

How to Create a Legacy

Building a Legacy 93 Seconds at a Time

Leaving a legacy is all you have. A strong legacy is not made of monetary value but of heart value. How you lift others to their potential. You Gramp4create safe environments for growth. When you leave the room, people are better than you found them. Have fun, take business at hand seriously and above all laugh at yourself!

Leadership, love, and life evolve in and out of your personal and professional lives. You may try shutting the door on one without the other, but your stories and legacies follow you wherever you may go.

I have a full history of knowing all of my Great-Grandparents, Grandparents, and a bushel full of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Recently, I visited my Grandpa Eldon in Eugene, Oregon.  He is the last of my vast line of Grandparents and cherished beyond words. I asked questions, heard new stories, and reminisced.

We are all built with our history, stories, and holding truths we cherish and hopefully “deleting” truths no longer holding truth for you. About 30 years ago my dad once asked me where I learned my “values” from.  The heart answer is my grandparents.  They all left me with my core personal and professional business model I created; Potential² Builder.

From ranch life, construction, business deals, play, fun, hiking, wicked card games, hugs on the couch, to out of the blue phone calls. The rich experiences compounded interest in a legacy of heart, potential, environment for growth; cherished bank account full of unconditional love.

There are three main areas’ you can focus on to build a legacy to leave your family, friends, business relationships, and community. Over my thirty-plus year career, these three areas are what I have found to part of the solid foundation for strong families, business, and people who leave strong legacies.

Gramp3 Tracy Worley

Have Fun! Hamming and Glamming With My Guy

It is never too late to build your legacy and write on the hearts of those around you; what they will say and miss when you leave the room.

  • Potential: Find ways to help others reach their potential, be invested, interested, and lift them before self. Yes, put your oxygen mask on first then lift others to their natural gifts. The reward of lifting others is greater than lifting oneself (reward will be paid 10-fold).
    • As I reflect on my potential and when I had the most growth is when others invested, lifted, and truly interested in seeing me succeed.
    • Today I make an intentional practice in my personal and professional life to find individuals who I can lift! The key is people need to have the heart to be pushed and pulled to the next level.
  • Environment: Create an environment of risk; let failure be a learning tool. The most successful people in life learned how to fail first.
    • I was able to fail and learn from the lessons. The environment was safe to try and try again. Yes, at times pushing boundaries was the risk and discipline at hand. Remember, we all learn and climb to our potential in our own rhythm.
    • When I work with clients, I have certain questions to hone in on what type of environment they thrive in. When they are “safe”, their potential explodes into possibilities they never saw or thought of before.
  • Legacy: People remember how you make them feel over what you have done. Leave people in the room loving themselves and life. Be present, because your presence matters.
    • Be authentic to who you are, and those around you will develop to be a network of believers. Not groupies but your “tribe”. A tribe is people who fill in the gaps, and who you fill in the gaps for as well.  You all benefit.
    • My stories taught me to be present, show up filled up to give first then receive. And perseverance toward ones potential trumps and punches the face of naysayers every time!
    • Have a sense of humor!

Where ever you might be in thought and heart of leaving a legacy here is a poem I wrote about my Grandpa, who is 93. I may be looking at his 93 years; all it takes is 93-seconds to touch someone’s heart.

93 Silver Strands

He is my HERO,

My first hugs, filling my heart,

to letting me put rollers in his hair that tickled us,

until we had to part.

He is my HERO,

He fixed many things from wagons, dollies,

to wondrous buildings.

He is my Hero,

Outlined with brilliant strands of silver,

a gleaming light of Gods Armor.

He is my HERO,

He is 93, standing tall,

with liquid blue eyes,

smile of a warm friend,

loves with all he has under his halo of silver strands.

As he holds my hand, I understand he is my HERO.

93 years shifting through the sands,

93 braids of silver his legacy stands.

Written By: Tracy Worley

Twinkle In His Eyes

Twinkle In His Eyes

Challenge Question: Will you take 93 seconds to touch someone’s heart?

Look UP & OUT!

Tracy Worley


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