Gratitude is Everything

Gratitude is Riches, Complaint is Poverty ~ Doris Day

In America we have our annual feast of food, family, friends, and now commercial gluttony.

Last Holiday season everyone in our family received a journal to write what we are grateful. Each night at dinner we would share those grateful thoughts written down. Some days it was a rinse and repeat from the day or weeks before. What I found is we let the daily grind and outside influences take place of our daily journal. Today we will start anew!

Are you in the hustle of to-do lists, deadlines, and forgetting details of the day where there are gifts and miracles surrounding us minute by minute? Most of us have more than we need, from running water, warm beds, clean clothes, shoes purchased just for our feet, to the freedom of choice in entertainment, to freely walking to our local park to shoot hoops without fear.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. ~ Albert Einstein

My wish and prayer for you is to find the miracles in your day.

I am grateful for all of you, your gifts, and everything you share with your global communities.

Look Up & Out,
Tracy Worley


Spark of Success

A life full of joy, clarity, focus, and determined success

I am often asked why I do what I do. This is a valid question and one I ask myself often.  From coaching, consulting, to public speaking the one thing that keeps me coming back is the “spark”.  Yes, all individuals, teams, and groups have an energy all their own and I see this as a “spark”. There is a raised energy when people see or rise to the next level of success.

Think about the spark of excitement in your face when holding a sparkler; even as adults we giggle and have childlike wonder when holding a sparkler in our hand. Working with men and women; they all hold a spark of excitement when entering the next level of success!

Throughout a golfers career whether for pleasure or competition there are times the swing is not recalling. It could be from mind block, muscle memory, fatigue, and so many other factors. At times it is a bad game or bad season where the player is unable to hit the ball well. What keeps players coming back is the “spark”. What keeps players coming back is the one great shot, chip, or putt; the “spark” of confident excitement and rush of accomplishment.

Identify Your Spark

  • Who or what makes your heart jump for joy?
  • Where would you love to spend more time serving?
  • What projects when complete sends your heart racing and calling others to share in the excitement?

The above is a short list of questions to dive into what you love to do and why you do it. If you are finding current space and circumstances keep you from doing what you love to do; perhaps it is time to make a change. Your unique talents are what the world needs. The world is in need for you to “spark” others with what you have to offer.  The “spark” is similar to a golfer, one well hit ball or “spark” builds your heart to do more of what you were built to do.

Personally, my “spark” to keep doing what I do is filled with clients accomplishments, ideas, and  transition to next levels of success. My clients build solid foundations while holding childlike wonder creating their own sparkler experience.  You can say I am a “spark” maker by sparking individuals, teams, and groups into new success they could not see or do before.

The spark leads to a well lived life full of joy, clarity, focus, and determined success.

Share, I would love to know what “sparks” you to do what you do!

Look Up & Out,

Tracy Worley



Are You Killing Your Legacy?

Create your legacy before others create it for you.

One of my greatest mentors and teachers John C. Maxwell taught me, “people remember how you made them feel.” As I traverse from coaching executives to corporate teams the common denominators are “feelings” and “communication”.

Have you heard “this is business, there is no room for feelings in business“, or some other derivative of it? Well, there is room; people remember how you made them feel over all else. Yes, they remember how they feel over you making them millions, cured their cancer, helped them solve a large issue.

Register Here

Join me and others to build your legacy model with the 5 L’s. Legacy is building your sustainable growth model of how you show up in community, connections, and collaboration.

Legacy: Love, Lift, Link, Lead

Few Things To Consider:

  • Can you listen without bias or judgment?
  • When did you lift some one else to promotion?
  • Can you identify the last time you invited someone to an event; introduced them to people they need to know to grow?
  • Are you leading from behind the curtain or in front of the curtain?

Hope to see you there!

Fire It Up Friday | 2

Summer 2017 Series Episode 2

How did you do last week implementing a few words, keeping the main thing the main thing, and creating measurable goals?

Here are a few things to consider to create a circle of sustainable referral sources:

  1. Connect & Serve
    • By phone, coffee, lunch, golf; whatever or wherever you are connecting with people ask them deeper questions about them.
    • Where ever you show up, show up to serve.
      • What are they most passionate about in their career?
      • What are they most passionate about at home?
      • What are they most passionate about in their community?
        • Listen to case study on video.
  2. Add Value
    • Now you have gleaned a few nuggets of passion from those you are connecting with, follow up with some of these ideas.
      • Send an article of interest (mail, email, or drop off in person).
      • Tag them in social media on something they are passionate about.
      • Special event, surgery, or milestone; send a card, call or text.
      • Invite them to an event to introduce them to people they need to know.
  3. Law of Reciprocation (Circle Of)
    • Connection and adding value ALWAYS brings something of equal or greater value to you.
    • Timing of reciprocation is unknown and it is measurable.
      • Referrals are reciprocation.
      • People sharing your name and/or brand.
      • Opportunities to serve is reciprocation.
        • Tight Circle: I call this the quick turn around reciprocation.
        • Wave Circle: Longer to accumulate but higher dividends. I imagine a wave going out to sea grabbing more volume, lifting opportunities. into the air and gently bringing them to your shore of success.

Remember, what you are passionate about is a calling. Challenge this week is to connect, add value, look for the Law of Reciprocation and give praise.

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

The Summit of Success:  There is a Higher Peak

All success comes from an individual perspective in measurable increments. For organizations it comes from their perspective initiatives and the perspective of gain or loss.

One of the top reasons I adore about living in Montana, USA is the rugged back country is close and tangible. I find myself in a National Forest several times a week and if possible daily. No matter what trail my administrative staff and I hike; there is always an elevation gain or loss.

                                                                   Administrative Staff On Trail

Success also has a measure of gain or loss dependent on your initiatives and goals. I recently read,The only person who needs to move forward little by little is you. Engineer your own evolution” ~ E. Burger, M. Starbird.

When I read evolution my reaction was, “Yes, success is creating your own revolution from the norms of how others have accomplished success.”

As you create goals there are meaningful ways to ensure a gain:

  • Move little by little toward the goal.
  • Reiterate and refine past and current knowledge to create progress.
  • The more you learn; the easier the pieces fall into place toward success.
  • Ask someone to walk along side of you; a team member, partner, or business coach.

Moving little by little is like climbing a trail. It takes step by step, bit by bit to make it to your destination and crest the top. Once you are at the crest you will see a higher peak (next goal) to strive toward. There are times you may need to lose elevation to glean new knowledge, understand the depth of measurable increments, and evaluate timing.

Refining knowledge is where most entrepreneurs and organizations lose traction. The tendency is to gobble up all information, processes, and best practices. This tendency hinders progress of little by little; often creating a stale environment of growth and innovation. To keep on track, define your objective clearly then adopt, adapt, or delete best practices and move forward.

Each goal has its own trail of learned knowledge.  Success can happen time after time hiking the same trail. However, conditions can change and new knowledge is gleaned from season to season. Business perspective; who is on your team creating a stale mate, are clients engaging, is it time to adopt, adapt, or change trails to new success?

The hard truth is not one person or organization creates success on their own. There is always someone supporting them in one manner or another. There are teams who sustain forward momentum to success and community who purchases services and or products. The basic truth not often seen are those who blazed the trail ahead of us.  A back country hiking trail is often not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of elevation gain, loss, gain, loss and keeps going until final destination. A back country trail is not managed and if it is there is a group of volunteers who hike in with band-saws and other gear to keep the trail clear (chain saws are not permitted due to fire danger, there are no motor vehicles allowed). From back country hiking to entrepreneurial paths cleared there is always someone who blazed the trail or idea ahead of us. It is your responsibility to create synergy and innovation from what is already forged.

If I have seen farther than others it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants~ Isaac Newton. Bring someone on board to create and sustain your momentum toward your goals bit by bit. No matter what or who you bring on board it is important to be open-minded about possibilities not seen at the beginning of the trail.

Success is worth the journey bit by bit, little by little! Would love to hear about your journeys and where you have gleaned success and what your goals are today!

Look Up and Out,

Tracy Worley




Are You Living The Life of Your Dreams?

The world is full of wonder and beauty.

The world is full of wonder and beauty. Look at your life as an abundant ADVENTURE; live the life of your dreams! Tracy Worley

Success in our society relies on the premise of position, possessions, and posturing. These three area’s keep us in average. Do, look, and see the world as everyone else does. To live the life of your dreams is to actually allow yourself to dream! We are brought up to no longer dreamAdventure and Tracy Worley as we are told it is silly and a waste of time.

WARNING: Not dreaming is a waste of your life!

When given a gift of leaving corporate and starting my own company, I found there were no tools available to dream, vision, and set values in what you do every day. So the last few years I have set out to create the tools. What I have found working with clients, is once they are given permission to dream the dream their success soars to the next level!

Here are a few steps to start:

  • Position: Look at this differently of not position in your job, community, or social status. Create a new position in who you are and where you want to be. Start positioning your heart, dream, and vision here. Once set a new position; shifts will start to emerge to living the life of your dreams.
  • Possessions: Instead of what you physically have or don’t have. Look at possessions of what values, dreams, people, truth(s), and time you have now. Create a checklist of what is working and what no longer holds value of who you are and where you want to be. I give you permission to let go of what is not working; yes, this may mean you “fire” a few people from your life. Dump truths that no longer hold value. Dream your dream.
  • Posturing: Shed the pretense of false boundaries of holding on too tightly of what no longer holds value in your life. Create an authentic life of poise and stop asking for permission, state your purpose and move forward.

Life is full of beauty if you are willing to evaluate mindset vs. dream. It is not easy to start, as you will be breaking through the set paradigm of society and people thinking you are crazy to dream. I guarantee, if you take the first few steps the shift will start and the dam of average will break!

Challenge Question: Where will you start in breaking the dam of average?

You deserve the life of your dreams!

Look UP & OUT!

Tracy Worley

Are You Creating Success With Courage?

Courage is Earned and Learned

Yes, I am asking you! Are you creating success with courage? Courage is learned, earned, and an added value to your success.

Definition of courage is the ability to do something that is uncomfortable. Strength in the face of pain, risk, or grief.

Recently  I have traveled over 600 miles driving across Montana, USA. In this travel I met entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and government officials. There was a consistent theme with their successes and it comes down to three simple things: faith, passion, and failure.

All three of these simple things take courage to stand up to your success, passion, and ability to create something no one else can. Think about the following as all of them were an idea which took courage and has changed lives across the world and generations: tires, light bulb, flight, internet, space travel, and so many more. . .

Faith: Continue to believe in what you are building.

Passion: Create an inner circle of advisers to keep you on the rails of faith and your why.

Failure: Risk is part of success, it will happen. Take note of what you learned and keep moving.

Courage encompasses all three simple things to create the success you desire and deserve. A few questions to ask yourself:

Blessed,met and learned from so many great leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators today! Lt. Governor and Governor took time for Red Shoe Courage!

Blessed,met and learned from so many great leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators today! Lt. Governor and Governor took time for Red Shoe Courage!

  • Do I believe in myself and the project more than anything else?
  • Am I willing to let other activities pass while I create?
  • Do I have faith in myself to take risk and willing to keep moving forward when there is a fail?

Challenge: like, share, and comment one thing you learned from taking a risk! You have something to teach the world.

Look UP & OUT!

Tracy Worley


Pride vs. Perseverance = Red Shoe Leadership

Have you been around someone, in their minds whatever they do “is NEVER good enough?”  TracyWorley.Com

The great outdoors is my favorite place to be! Those of you, who have followed me for a whole, know this and love the pictures of our American back-country I share.

Recently my husband and I hiked a trail that brought forth beautiful wild flowers, mid-summer snow fields, and several clear alpine lakes.

As a “leader” in hiking and the dos and don’ts I fell into a rookie move, and literally “fell”! I had a CHOICE here to let pride or perseverance lead the rest of my experience.  We can learn from failure (falling) or let it hold us back.

In embracing life I want to ask you; “do you let experiences choose your attitude”? I know by falling, scraping, bruising my knee and ego; I could have chosen pride and not enjoyed and appreciated the beauty around me. Or, choose perseverance and keep on keeping on enjoying the view, experience, and letting those around me enjoy their experience.

I choose perseverance and use the first aid kit to soften my ego into the next level of leadership.

Challenge: What rookie move will you shift into perseverance?

Look UP & Out,

Tracy Worley

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The Right “Spunk”: Do you have courageous determination for success?

Spunk: noun
 informal | courage and determination.
synonyms | courage, bravery, valor, nerve, confidence, daring, audacity, pluck, spirit, grit, mettle, spine, backbone, gumption, moxie
From the move The Right Stuff, I think about do I have The Right Spunk? I would love to say everyday I am confidant with courageous valor to do what needs to be done! To have the grit to move my body, mind, and spirit even when they do not want to cooperate.
The Right Stuff
Yes, many of you who know me would wonder because I always show up ready to serve, learn, and lead. However, the past 20 months have given me a whole new perspective, mercy, and understanding for others who cannot move past where they are right now. Honestly, where you are right now is your perfection!
Part of my story: late 2014 to present day, I have been making a daring attempt to make my body do what I want it to do! With great determination in 2015, I ended up in a despair as my team of health care providers still could not provide root cause. I had no energy or focus, now at a time where I could not read a paragraph without having to go back and re-read it several times. Now, this was a HUGE cause of concern because I love reading, making notes, writing, and gleaning everything I can to make tomorrow better than today!
During this time I lost some spirit, confidence, and my daring pursuits of jumping forward with a tenacious spirit were at a stand-still. I am a private person and only those close to me knew where I was struggling and gave tremendous support. I was able to find a new physician who listened, supported my concerns, and we started a course of tests, natural remedies before drugs, and BEHOLD we found not only was I greatly mineral deficient my body was also not absorbing what I was eating or supplements.  Today I have a new normal, and still under care and treatments.
I lost great confidence in interacting with clients and community because I did not know if I would be able to show up. My energy levels and body would cooperate one day, and the next day could be a struggle to put shoes on. Or if I did show up it would be a shell of myself. Activities I love with my family, business, and community took a lot more planning because I had to schedule significant down-time afterward.
Why am I sharing and what does this have to do with success? Spunk has everything to do with your success! Empathy and understanding for those who have chronic illness! Empathy and understanding for those struggling in their business!
  • Advocate for your health! When a physician is not listening and you do not feel right about it, seek other help!
  • Come to where others are, you just never know what is going on. What I learned, it would be easier to explain a broken arm than a deficiency and treatment plan.
  • Advocate for your Business! Just as human bodies can have a time of renewal and illness, so can your business. Seek help, coaching, or a professional to get you to where you want to be!
  • Seek support and share where you are! When you open up, new resources and support will appear.
  • Be confidant in where you are today, and keep moving forward for a better tomorrow.
  • Trust your inner-circle to help support and sustain your business during times of lost spirit, confidence, and energy. this is your fast-track to get back on track!
  • From where you are today, tomorrow will always be a step up if you are willing to build on where you are today!

The rest of the story, I am doing well but only because I advocated for my health and business! I continue to invest in my business. I continue to plug into my inner-circle for accountability and sustainability for a better tomorrow. I am starting 2016 with my best year ever! 


I am in spunky determination for you to have the best year ever too! Do you need to invest in your success? Are you advocating for your business line and personal growth toward your best year ever?

The Right Stuff vs. The Right Spunk!

You matter, your purpose in life and business matter! You are here for a reason, I challenge you to get up and out! Make new tracks in every area of your life. I believe in you! I believe in your inner-circle just as I believe in mine!

Not sure where to start? I can help you with that!

Look UP & OUT,

Tracy Worley