Fire It Up Friday | 8

Summer 2017 Series Episode 8

Be the change you desire. Be a change agent and stop pissing people off!

I know the language is not enlightening however it grabs our attention. This weeks series is about being an agent of positive change. Change is anything from stepping up and doing the things you thought you would never do. Facing your fears and getting messy!

Change Agent "You Just Piss Everyone Off"

Posted by Tracy Worley on Friday, August 11, 2017

This week has certainly been messy in our house as our 12 year old turned 13 last week. Testing the waters of sass, harass, and collapse into a crazy  cycle.

In one conversation our son stomped off into the other room telling me, “all you do all day is just piss people off.” My first reaction was not delicate and I did keep it to myself. In reflection of his perception of me in a moment of frustration fits into this weeks Fire It Up; be an agent of change.

Can I change his perception, surely. We can continue to have dialogue around it and show him how I show up for people everyday as a change agent creating new paradigms of success. Create dialogue in reflection after a conversation with someone (other than him). Ask our son how does he think I made them feel by helping?

Here are a few areas to dialogue with self and with others and ask are you being a change agent in your own life and others:

  • Relies in your desire for growth
  • Surround yourself with others who help you stay committed
  • Do the right thing even when it is the most painful thing
  • We are human, let go of perfection

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Fire It Up Friday | 7

Summer 2017 Series Episode 7

Adventure Entrepreneur

Are you packed and ready?

Life is an advance and ordinary life has a way of sweeping us away into schedules where we are over-booked!

Adventure Entrepreneur

Posted by Selkirk Coaching and Training Group on Friday, July 28, 2017

We end up over booked and in the “acquiring things” race. Do not get me wrong “things” are great, a privilege, and makes our lives more comfortable.

Adventure is:

  • Finding new ways to connect
  • Going to a new restaurant (change of environment)
  • Taking a new route to work
  • Stepping out of “normal”

Find adventure in the adventure in the messiness of your life. An example is my messiness of area’s of too organized and unorganized. There is adventure in both; choose adventure!

Find adventure in everything, everyday, making the ORDINARY an ADVENTURE!

Embrace  your own adventure, choose messy hair!

CHALLENGE: step out of your “schedule” and pack a bag to find adventure in  your daily everything’s!

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Fire It Up Friday | 5

Summer 2017 Series Episode 5

Are the cool kids holding you back? Is comparison robbing you of joy?

You all have unique gifts and talents from your experience, knowledge, education, community, and so on. Your voice matters!

I challenge you to tap deeper into your hearts desires.

  • What is your heart yearning for?
  • Do you feel there is something else?
  • What do you hold back and/or not speak up about?
  • Are you stuck in comparing where you to where others are?

If you answered even a “maybe” it is time to dig deeper into your hearts desires and re-set your own course to joy and a fulfilled life. A known truth is your heart is never wrong.

Still not sure where to start? Join me here every Friday or contact us for resources for your unique need to step on out with your crow bar.

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Posted by Selkirk Coaching and Training Group on Friday, July 7, 2017

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Fire It Up Friday | 4

Summer 2017 Series Episode 4

Be Selfish to be Selfless!

Be Selfish to be Selfless

Posted by Selkirk Coaching and Training Group on Friday, June 23, 2017


Loving Friday’s with all of you! Last Friday of June and we are ramping up to a juicy series. Today challenge yourself to find area’s to be selfish so you can add more value to others and be selfless.

God has blessed each and every one of you with combined gifts and talents no one else can bring to the table. We are meant to be individuals to serve the world as a whole.

My selfish story: a few years ago in Columbus, Ohio I had an opportunity to learn from renowned business coach. We were sitting in a small group of about five in a circle. The coach went around and asked us all questions, and then we masterminded on a few topics. From there this coach proceeded to look me straight in the eye and stated, “you need to be more selfish.” My immediate response was discomfort and tears (I rarely ever cry or in public for that matter).

Basically, put your oxygen mask on first!

Great coaches implement a delicate balance of  not pushing you off the edge while letting you find discomfort in problem solving or transforming to the next level of your success. Being “selfish” is one of those examples of discomfort so you can transform into next step. Break down your resistance for a moment of discomfort to transform to the next level. 

In the video I talked about being at the table. What this means is are you serving people and places you have no business adding value to? Is it your time to be at the table?

Few questions for yourself:

  • Are you sitting at the right table?
  • Can you voice your boundaries clearly and effectively?
  • When serving do I walk away with a full cup or an empty one?

Selfish and selfless leads to one core tool and that is your voice. Use your voice to create boundaries into selfless opportunities to serve within your gifts. The world needs what you have to offer; speak up!

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

Fire It Up Friday | 1

Summer 2017 Series Episode 1

Summer is here! Even though Summer Solstice has not come yet; schools are letting out, sunshine is drawing us outdoors, and attention to goals diminish.

It is normal to have a hit of nostalgia and be drawn to the warmth of the sun. What I have found with clients and myself enjoying the summer; professional goals slide off track.

Summer Fire It Up Friday!

Posted by Selkirk Coaching and Training Group on Friday, June 2, 2017


Here are a few things to consider to keeping your goals on track:

  1. One Word
    • Changing one word can change your world and vision for what is possible. Change up the statement “I plan” to “I will” or to ” I am”. Our minds are beautiful in setting sub-conscious intentions when we state what and where we want to be in current circumstance.
  2. Main Thing
    • Keep the main thing the main thing. You will have several higher objectives for the year and quarters. Look at your calendar and see if there are people, places, and things setting you off course of your main thing.
  3. Everything is Measurable
    • From phone calls, emails, social media, client satisfaction, team engagement, learning new skills, deleting old skills; everything is measurable.
    • Not sure how or what to measure? Let’s start a conversation and I can help you and it will help others too.

Remember, what you are passionate about is a calling. Are you stepping forward in word, main thing, and measurable’s to make it happen?

Thank you for joining me on our Summer Fire It Up Friday Series.

Look Up & Out, 
Tracy Worley

That Woman | Super Powers Activate

You Have the Tools to Succeed; Step Forward

What or where are you holding back in life?

Sometimes you are not aware where barriers are present to step forward. Personally, I can go back to several significant levels of amazing things happening in my life.
There is a theme in how I stepped forward into new level of success, beautiful relationships, and so much more!
1. Afraid: I moved forward with trepidation anyway.
2. Super Powers: Once I moved forward the tools I needed activated within me or others would step up and give me their talents, gifts, and wisdom.
3. Humility: Being in humble heart, mind, and spirit allowed the space to grow and nurture; new beginnings, relationships, success, and community.

I will be sharing more tools to activate your Super Powers!
Look Up & Out,
Tracy Worley

That Woman | Super Powers ActivateVerna Shields Brady Shelly Wear Natalie Cox Mauer Deanna Worley Jennifer Itskos Sarah Elliott Curtiss Julie Pyne Anton Julie Richter Julie Maloney Kendra Sanford Emily Sanford Chris Sanford Tim Worley Cyndi Elliott Kristi Govertsen SonjaReeves SierraLake MichelleWealther | and so so so many other women and men dear to my ?! Your super powers activate in unique Harmony!

Posted by Tracy Worley on Sunday, May 14, 2017

How to Create a Legacy

Building a Legacy 93 Seconds at a Time

Leaving a legacy is all you have. A strong legacy is not made of monetary value but of heart value. How you lift others to their potential. You Gramp4create safe environments for growth. When you leave the room, people are better than you found them. Have fun, take business at hand seriously and above all laugh at yourself!

Leadership, love, and life evolve in and out of your personal and professional lives. You may try shutting the door on one without the other, but your stories and legacies follow you wherever you may go.

I have a full history of knowing all of my Great-Grandparents, Grandparents, and a bushel full of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Recently, I visited my Grandpa Eldon in Eugene, Oregon.  He is the last of my vast line of Grandparents and cherished beyond words. I asked questions, heard new stories, and reminisced.

We are all built with our history, stories, and holding truths we cherish and hopefully “deleting” truths no longer holding truth for you. About 30 years ago my dad once asked me where I learned my “values” from.  The heart answer is my grandparents.  They all left me with my core personal and professional business model I created; Potential² Builder.

From ranch life, construction, business deals, play, fun, hiking, wicked card games, hugs on the couch, to out of the blue phone calls. The rich experiences compounded interest in a legacy of heart, potential, environment for growth; cherished bank account full of unconditional love.

There are three main areas’ you can focus on to build a legacy to leave your family, friends, business relationships, and community. Over my thirty-plus year career, these three areas are what I have found to part of the solid foundation for strong families, business, and people who leave strong legacies.

Gramp3 Tracy Worley

Have Fun! Hamming and Glamming With My Guy

It is never too late to build your legacy and write on the hearts of those around you; what they will say and miss when you leave the room.

  • Potential: Find ways to help others reach their potential, be invested, interested, and lift them before self. Yes, put your oxygen mask on first then lift others to their natural gifts. The reward of lifting others is greater than lifting oneself (reward will be paid 10-fold).
    • As I reflect on my potential and when I had the most growth is when others invested, lifted, and truly interested in seeing me succeed.
    • Today I make an intentional practice in my personal and professional life to find individuals who I can lift! The key is people need to have the heart to be pushed and pulled to the next level.
  • Environment: Create an environment of risk; let failure be a learning tool. The most successful people in life learned how to fail first.
    • I was able to fail and learn from the lessons. The environment was safe to try and try again. Yes, at times pushing boundaries was the risk and discipline at hand. Remember, we all learn and climb to our potential in our own rhythm.
    • When I work with clients, I have certain questions to hone in on what type of environment they thrive in. When they are “safe”, their potential explodes into possibilities they never saw or thought of before.
  • Legacy: People remember how you make them feel over what you have done. Leave people in the room loving themselves and life. Be present, because your presence matters.
    • Be authentic to who you are, and those around you will develop to be a network of believers. Not groupies but your “tribe”. A tribe is people who fill in the gaps, and who you fill in the gaps for as well.  You all benefit.
    • My stories taught me to be present, show up filled up to give first then receive. And perseverance toward ones potential trumps and punches the face of naysayers every time!
    • Have a sense of humor!

Where ever you might be in thought and heart of leaving a legacy here is a poem I wrote about my Grandpa, who is 93. I may be looking at his 93 years; all it takes is 93-seconds to touch someone’s heart.

93 Silver Strands

He is my HERO,

My first hugs, filling my heart,

to letting me put rollers in his hair that tickled us,

until we had to part.

He is my HERO,

He fixed many things from wagons, dollies,

to wondrous buildings.

He is my Hero,

Outlined with brilliant strands of silver,

a gleaming light of Gods Armor.

He is my HERO,

He is 93, standing tall,

with liquid blue eyes,

smile of a warm friend,

loves with all he has under his halo of silver strands.

As he holds my hand, I understand he is my HERO.

93 years shifting through the sands,

93 braids of silver his legacy stands.

Written By: Tracy Worley

Twinkle In His Eyes

Twinkle In His Eyes

Challenge Question: Will you take 93 seconds to touch someone’s heart?

Look UP & OUT!

Tracy Worley


Tracy Worley (2015) Authentic Leadership, Authentic Self

Tracy Worley (2013) Red Shoe Courage

Dream Your Dream

Red Shoe Courage Workshop

Dream, Vision, and Plan beyond today!

In 2013 I had a dream, vision, and then made a plan and that was to share my story to lift others to a better tomorrow. As you grow up into adulthood the dreaming “button” gets hidden and I am here to tell you there is not such thing as you are too old to be a “dreamer”. We are NEVER too old to dream, vision, and plan beyond today.

This weekend I had the utmost pleasure and blessing to pour into a group of extraordinary ladies during the signature event From Grace to Red Shoe Courage. And the following is just one a few outpouring of Gods grace during the event as hearts were stirred up, spirits were lifted, and old truths were shed!

God delights in your purposeful passion. Dream your dream and change your today for the tomorrow’s God desires for you! “There is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live…This is the gift of God.” ECC: 3:12-14 NIV

This is a note posted regarding the event and my dream in 2013 was to serve those who love what I do, value what I do, and let me dream my dream.

“Shout out to Tracy Worley! I was so blessed to participate in her Grace to Red Shoe Courage Workshop last night and today! She has the ability to tell her story, focus on truth telling scripture and help the attendees draw closer to God and release strongholds! Time and time again I’m in awe of the amazing women God has put in my life! It was great to attend the event with  and many new friends! Make sure you don’t miss Tracy’s next event!!” Shelly Wear

“It was incredible! I’m so glad I got to go last night, but sorry I missed today.” Stephanie Neil Gaertig

Remember to dream your dream and not live someone else’s!

Look UP and OUT!

Tracy Worley


It’s Monday Do You Know Where Your Employees Are

Employee Engagement

Tracy Worley is America’s leading grace coach, international key-note speaker, trainer, syndicated radio host, author, and potential seeker, strategist and CEO of three values leadership based organizations. She works with business executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders world-wide to develop potential, tailor employee engagement modules, and turn up the volume on individuals and organizations potential personally and professionally.

Tracy knows firsthand about what it takes to find your potential, Individuals and organizations have individual cultures, stories, and rhythm – Tracy’s innovative style knows how to make it work. With a background in business management, business communication, project management, and life’s drama, Tracy found herself running a multi-million dollar organization at the age of 25.

Tracy knows from life experience the ups and downs of colossal failure and the elation of success beyond imagination.

But it’s exactly all these experiences that built character, knowledge, wisdom, and intuitive insight into individual and organizational potential. Tracy is highly intuitive, perceptive, and a world thinker in connecting what you cannot see. These gifts give her the ability to strategize with clarity where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Tracy’s expertise: training highly successful people to lead with authenticity to the desired success her client’s desire and deserve.

Monday’s are important to connect with your team to set the tone, action, and belief this week is just as important as Admin Stafflast.

Connection does not take a lot of your time out of the scheme of disengaged employees as Gallup states is 70%. Below are a few ways to break the ice, connect, and let all your employees know you appreciate the value they bring to the organization.

Trust Me It Works!

  • Drop by each cubicle and just say hello (too many employees, then take bite sizes through the week)
    • Connection, they know they are important enough for your time
  • Create a Round-table(s) to connect weekly
    • Each week is a different topic, and everyone has 2 minutes to share their feelings, opinions, and experience
    • More about Round-Tables
  • Monthly excursions
    • This maybe a lunch outside of the office
    • Bowling
    • Hiking
    • A stroll around your office grounds or a local park
    • Go to the zoo
    • Bring in a speaker to motivate, inspire, and empower
      • You can find someone in your community or if budget allows bring someone in that resonates with any pain points you are experiencing
    • Laughter
      • Laugher is the healing compound and the B12 shot for any organization and team
        • Is there levity allowed in the office
        • Is there a place where your team members can go to blow off steam through laughing, crying, and supporting each other

These are just a few ideas of connecting and creating a culture of sustained employee engagement and loyalty. Ninety percent of people leave an organization because of people. I challenge you to be the 10% where people do not leave because of other people but because you engaged, mentored, and gave them value to find bigger and better opportunities.

Begin creating a culture of; mentoring, engaging, and adding value to groom them to leave hits most of us in the big old’ PRIDE button. Some of you are asking or stopped reading; why would I want to groom them to leave? My question is why wouldn’t you? Engaged employees who have been valued, mentored, and engaged are your biggest advocates outside of your organization.

Challenge Question: How many cubicles will you visit today?

Look UP & OUT!

Tracy Worley

  • Tracy Worley (2015) Authentic Leadership, Authentic Self
  • Tracy Worley (2015) Potential² Roundtables™
  • Tracy A. Worley (2015) GRACEbreak Radio